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Interesting facts about the red colour, you need to know!

Red is the first colour the baby sees!

Some recent studies have shown that children who are aged barely two weeks can now distinguish the red colour. Probably because red wave has the longest length-wave among colours, making red the easiest colour to recognise and process by developing receptors and nerves in a baby's eyes.

Men and women see red differently!

She sees red, burgundy, tomato red, blood red, burgundy, and tile colour, while he sees only red.

Reuters reports that researchers at the State University of Arizona in Tempe have found that a particular gene in human DNA allows us to see the colour red in a large number of variations. Women have two X chromosomes containing two copies of this gene, compared to only one X chromosome for men. These genes help women perceive the red-orange spectrum. Also, in general, women are better at recognizing colours at close range, while men are better at distinguishing fine details in a moving object.

Bulls don't hate red, it's just a myth!

During the bullfight, the bull attacks the red piece of cloth that the matador waves in front of him, but in reality bulls have no preference for any colour.

It is not the colour red, but the specific movements, that attract the attention and irritate the bull.

The colour red was chosen centuries ago so that the blood of the bull is not so noticeable on the fabric.