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Megalan Ltd. is an Administrator of personal data in relation to your information as a user of our services. In relation to the personal data, which you process, using our services, Megalan Ltd. acts in the quality of processing company of personal information.

Each time, when you connect to us or you visit our web pages, you present to us your personal information. In order you to be able to use our services, we have to collect and process your personal information. Megalan Ltd. works in good faith and purposefully in order to minimize the information, which it processes and to protect it as far as possible.


Megalan Ltd. is not responsible for information (including for its completeness), which is written on web sites, to which Megalan has hyper connections.


Megalan Ltd. strives to keep valid information on the web site, which does not exclude the possibility sometimes it to have objective omissions. Megalan Ltd. does not have any responsibility for the consequences, including possible harms, arising from or connected in any way to your access or your use of this web site. The whole information on the web site is presented in a type, which is subject to be changed without notice in advance. This information is presented in compliance with the acting legislation, without any guaranty for its suitability for a given purpose, inviolability and safety from computer viruses or other dangers. Megalan Ltd. does not have responsibility for the volume, exactness and completeness of the information. The use of the data and the information, stated on the web site is on the initiative and according to the will, for the favour, risk and responsibility of the user, following of the limitations in favour of the holder of the copyright – Megalan Ltd., according to the Law of copyright and the related to it rights. The user is responsible for the reading and the interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information, stated on the web site. Megalan Ltd. does not guarantee constant and without problems access to this web site.


“Cookie is a file, containing limited set of text information, which a given web site temporarily transfers from the web browser to the hard disk of your device, while you are visiting the web site or for a longer time period, depending on the type of the cookie. The function of cookies is to differentiate you from the other users of the same web site or to store a certain information, which is connected to your preferences and they are used by the most web sites in order to facilitate your surfing. Each cookie is unique for your browser and contains anonymous information. Usually its content includes the name of the domain from which it comes, the “life duration” of the cookie and value, usually in the form of randomly generated number.

What type of cookies do we use and why?

This web site uses the following types of cookies according to their designation:

Necessary cookies

They are cookies, supporting main technical aspects of the web site, without which it would not function in a useful way. Such type are the cookies for identification of the session of the current user and for the protection of security of the connection. It is important to be mentioned, that these cookies, as well as the other types of cookies on the web site do not store the entered personal data.

Analytical cookies

By the means of these cookies is collected statistical information about the traffic of the web site, including the number of visits, the time period for use, the popularity of the separate pages, the sequence of viewing, the repeated visits and the time point of exit from the web site.

Purpose of using analytical cookies

The information gathered through the analysis allows us we to see the success of our services and campaigns, as well as the efficiency of their presentation on the web site. By analyzing the information, we take decisions for improving our product portfolio and the user experience on the web site.

The above mentioned actions are performed by services, rendered by Google Analytics. The gathered information for the users of the web site by Google Analytics is stored for 26 months.

Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, an Internet traffic analysis service provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to help analyze how the website is used. The information gathered by a cookie related to your use of the website will be transferred to and stored by Google on US servers. Google will use this information to evaluate how you use the website by compiling activity data for individual website operators and providing other services related to reported activity on the website and Internet usage. Google may transfer this information to third parties when required by law or in the case of third parties processing information on behalf of Google. Google will not link your IP address to any other data stored by Google.

Cookies of third parties for advertising purposes:

We use several external services – ad networks that can also create cookies in your browser. These cookies are managed by the respective services and are not controlled by us. The information in them is anonymised. The purpose of these external services is to provide opportunities for advertising campaigns. Outsourcing services can use cookies to identify and customize ads to our platform on external sites and services. Such external advertising platforms are:

  • Google AdWords;
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The site uses Google Remarketing, a Google publishing service. For this purpose, anonymized form of information about your behavior is collected during your browsing on our web page and stored on your computer using cookies-text files. Based on information gathered in cookies, other businesses, including Google, show ads on their sites on the Internet. You can disable this use of cookies by Google by clicking on the following link: Google Request Query Link. For full details, read the Google Privacy Policy here:

Facebook Ads 

Details of cookies collected via Facebook and how to control them read here:

Managing and disabling of cookies

As a rule, applications used for browsing in websites, allow the storage of cookies by default.

Cookies can easily be deleted or disabled from your browser settings. For more information, visit the official website of your browser manufacturer. Keep in mind that disabling cookies may result in site functionality violations.

If you use your browser in incognito mode, cookies will be automatically deleted every time you close your browser.

Opt out of Google Analytics

You can choose to opt out of Google Analytics without affecting your ability to visit our website.

Detailed information about Google Analytics and privacy (including how you can control the information that is sent to Google) can be found on:

In order to prevent any tracking, you can install an add-in to your browser: 


Megalan Ltd. is engaged to guarantee the inviolability of the information, containing personal information, entered by the users online by electronic correspondence. Megalan Ltd. reminds you to be careful at using of your personal information in the Internet. Do not enter personal information on web sites, in which authenticity you are not sure.

maniaprint e-mail

If you would like we to delete or to send to you the gathered for you information, please contact us at maniaprint e-mail and we will do so as soon as possible.

Each time, when you contact us or you visit our web site, you present to us your personal data. In order you to be able to use our services, we have to gather and process your personal information. Megalan Ltd. works in good faith and purposefully in order to minimize the information, which it processes and to protect it as far as possible.

Megalan Ltd. gathers information from the following external for the company physical persons:
*Subjects of information, who are interested in the products and services, offered by us (name, telephone number and email)

– When we receive your inquiry by a contact form on, we will use the entered by you information for contact to contact you and to send to you the information or to help you, as you need and regarding the sent by you inquiry or order.

- When you register to receive our information leaflet and other marketing information (Newsletter), we will use your personal information to send you the required information.

*Candidates for job (contact information concerning education, qualification and professional experience) by:

- CV, sent by web platforms for finding a job
- CV, sent directly by email

We will not store your information for time period, longer than the necessary time period for achieving the aims, for which we process it. With the aim we to define a suitable time period for storage, we take into account the quantity, the nature and the sensitivity of the personal information, the aims, due to which we process it and whether we can achieve this aims with other means.

When defining the time period for storage of your personal information, we take into account also the time periods, for which may be necessary we to store personal information, in order to fulfill our legal obligations (for example, to answer to your claim, to protect our rights in case of making a claim or to fulfill legal obligation for storage of accounting information for the needs of tax control).
Megalan stores the collected personal information of subjects of information, using the products and the services, which we offer, for the time period, which is necessary for the performance of the aims, for which it has been gathered, and with a view of legal interests of Megalan Ltd. or up to withdrawal of the consent for processing. Due to the nature of the offered by the company products and services, the time period for storage and processing of personal information is limited to up to five years from the date of the last business communication, except from the case, unless there is a denial of processing in the meantime.


The protection of information on paper and on electronic carrier from illegal access, damage, loss or destruction is provided by many internally regulated technical and organizational measures, which include (but are not limited to):

- Managing of access
- Storage of information for access
- Security of the work stations
- Protection of the internal network
- Protection of servers
- Protection of web sites
- Encryption of communication
- Continuity of services
- Archiving

Megalan Ltd. provides a high level of competence and awareness of the importance of secure storage and processing of personal information by its employees for the information, which Megalan Ltd. processes in its role of an administrator, as well as in the cases, when Megalan Ltd. processes personal information by clients, in its quality of processing company.

Megalan Ltd. concludes agreements for confidentiality with its employees.

Megalan Ltd. concludes contract and/or additional agreements with the clients for the processes, for which the company processes personal information, with subcontractors for processing of personal information and with persons, to which it assigns processing of personal information, who are not subcontractors.


Personal information according to the Law of copyright and the related to it rights for each information, related to a physical person, who is identified or can be identified directly or indirectly by identification number or by one or more specific features. Megalan Ltd. is a company with a seat and address of management BULGARIA, region Sofia (capital), municipality Sofia, town of Sofia 1700, region Studentski, living complex STUDENTSKI GRAD, 4, YORDAN YOSIFOV str., Bulstat: 1111548860.