BindingIn all our offices you can get a plastic spiral binding with high quality materials and machinery. In offices Mania 1 (Head office- Studentski grad) and Mania 4  (Geo Milev) you can get binding with metal spiral to120 sheets. In the offices Mania 2 (Studenski grad, Block 35) and Mania 5 (Lozenetz- USAG) we can bind you matirials with metal spiral up to 280 sheets.

Binding with plastic spiralА4А3
to 150 pages1,50 lv./piece3,00 lv./piece
151-180 pages1,60 lv./piece3,10 lv./piece
181-200 pages1,70 lv./piece3,20 lv./piece
201-240 pages1,90 lv./piece3,40 lv./piece
241-280 pages2,10 lv./piece3,60 lv./piece
281- 340 pages2,40 lv./piece3,90 lv./piece
341-410 pages2,80 lv./piece4,30 lv./piece
411-500 pages3,10 lv./piece4,60 lv./piece
Binding with steel spiralА4А3
to 75 pages2,50 lv./piece4,00 lv./piece
76-130 pages2,80 lv./piece4,30 lv./piece
131-165 pages3,00 lv./piece4,50 lv./piece
166-180 pages3,20 lv./piece4,70 lv./piece
181-250 pages3,40 lv./piece4,90 lv./piece
251-280 pages3,80 lv./piece5,30 lv./piece

Book Binding

Book BindingIdeal book binding for those who want perfect look for their documents.This service can be found in Mania 2, Mania 4 and Mania 5 (Lozenets- USAG).

Book bindingA4
hard covers - 36 - 140 pages10lv./piece
soft covers - 16 - 150 pages10lv./piece


LaminatingIf you want to laminate one or 100 pages we will help you. We can laminate up to A3 size almost anything you want, anytime of the day.

Laminatingto 3 sheetsover 3 sheets
А31,20 lv./sheet1,00 lv./sheet
А40,60 lv./sheet0,50 lv./sheet
А50,50 lv./sheet0,40 lv./sheet
65 mm/95 mm0,25 lv./sheet0,25 lv./sheet
54 mm/86 mm0,25 lv./sheet0,25 lv./sheet

*All prices are inclusive of VAT.