We offer you high-quality professional plotters, suitable not only for printing of drawings but also for printing of color panels and realistic photo printing. We have at our disposal plotters HP- HP Design Jet T1200, HP Design Jet T7100, HP Design Jet 5500, HP Design Jet 6600 and Canon IpF 840, Canon 6000s. Our centers offer not only high- speed printing but also high quality which can satisfy even the most demanding taste.


Plotting29.7 сm roll42 cm roll 60 cm roll 90 cm roll 105 cm roll 152 cm roll
80g paper1,90 lv/m2,40 lv/m3,10 lv/m3,70 lv/m4,50 lv/m6,60 lv/m
120g paper--4,00 lv/m5,10lv/m5,70 lv/m15,40 lv/m
140g paper--4,60 lv/m5,70 lv/m6,40 lv/m15,40 lv/m
180g paper--5,20 lv/m6,20 lv/m6,90lv/m-
Natural tracing paper--3,40 lv/m4,40 lv/m--
Matte film--13,20 lv/m18,15 lv/m19,80 lv/m-
High- gloss photopaper 200 g--8,90 lv/m13,20 lv/m15,40 lv/m-
Canvas 350g--28,00 lv/m39,00 lv/m44,00 lv/m45,00 lv/m
Self-adhensive paper foil--10,60 lv/m15,90 lv/m18,50 lv/m-

*Prices do not include solid color fills. If such are present their area is calculated at 25lv./sq.m. and the amount is added to the price.

* All prices are inclusive of VAT.

* We reserve the right to request an advance payment for larger volumes in order to start creating the order.