Printing and copying

Black and White Printing and Copying

Black and white printing on high-quality and high-speed laser printers Konica Minolta Bizhub Pro 754e. Always flawless printing, regardless of the number of copies. Ability to print from a vast range of media and storage devices.

*All prices are for printing on 80g paper.

All prices incl. 20% VAT.

Black and White Printing

Black and white printingA4A3
One- sided 1-5 copies0,15 lv./copy0,30 lv./copy
One- sided 6-10 copies0,10 lv./copy0,20 lv./copy
One- sided 11-50 copies0,09 llv./copy0,18 lv./copy
One- sided 51-100 copies0,08 lv./copy0,16 lv./copy
One- sided 101-200 copies0,07 lv./copy0,14 lv./copy
One- sided over 200 copies0,06 lv./copy0,12 lv./copy
Double- sided 1-3 sheets0,30 lv./sheet0,60 lv./sheet
Double- sided 4-5 sheets0,20 lv./sheet0,40 lv./sheet
Double- sided 6-25 sheets0,18 lv./sheet0,36 lv./sheet
Double- sided 26-50 sheets0,16 lv./sheet0,32 lv./sheet
Double- sided 51-100 sheets0,14 lv./sheet0,28 lv./sheet
Double- sided over 100 sheets0,12 lv./sheet0,24 lv./sheet

Black and White Copying

Black and white copyingA4A3
One-sided on 80 g paper0,06 lv./copy0,12 lv./copy
Double-sided on 80 g paper0,12 lv./sheet0,24 lv./sheet
Discounts: By ordering over 1000 copies of A4 format, you can have 10% discount.


High-quality color printing on Xerox DocuColor 252, Xerox DCP 700i and Konica Minolta printers. Suitable for all kinds of color images – photorealistic printing on photo paper, business cards printing, presentations, architectural and designer drawings and many more. Ability to print from a vast range of media and storage devices.

*All prices are for printing on 100g paper.

All prices incl. 20% VAT.


Color printing and copyingA4А3
One- sided 1-10 copies1,00 lv./copy1,80 lv./copy
One- sided 11-50 sheets0,90 lv./copy1,60 lv./copy
One- sided 51-150 sheets0,80 lv./copy1,30 lv./copy
One- sided 151-300 sheets0,70 lv./copy1,00 lv./copy
One- sided over 300 sheets0,60 lv./copy0,75 lv./copy
Double- sided 1-5 sheets2,00 lv./sheet3,60 lv./sheet
Double- sided 6-25 sheets1,80 lv./sheet3,20 lv./sheet
Double- sided 26-75 sheets1,60 lv./sheet2,60 lv./sheet
Double- sided 76-150 sheets1,40 lv./sheet2,00 lv./sheet
Double- sided over 150 sheets1,20 lv./sheet1,50 lv./sheet


Black and white printing on the color printer printerA4A3
One-sided on 100g paper0,20 lv./copy0,50 lv./copy
Double-sided on 100g paper0,40 lv./sheet1,00 lv./sheet

* We reserve the right to request an advance payment for larger volumes in order to start creating the order.