In our offices you can find scanners A3 and A4 format as well as large format scanners to 914 mm. In our headquarters office Mania1 you can find a scanner ROWE with width to 1520 mm. and in Mania 6 OCE with width to 1370 mm.

We can scan your documents as . tiff,. jpeg and . pdf-format, black and white or color. Our scanners are ideal for your drawings, sketche and also for your photographs and paintings. We are always there for transferring your paper documents into electronic form.


A4 /1-10sheet/0.30 lv./sheet
A4 /21-100 sheet/0.20 lv./sheet
A4 over 101 sheets0.10 lv./sheet
A3 /1-10sheet/0.60 lv./sheet
A3 /21-100 sheet/0.40 lv./sheet
A3 over 101 sheets0.20 lv./sheet
Wideformat scaning - black and white4.40 lv./sq.m.
Wideformat scaning - colour7.00 lv./sq.m.

* Prices of large format scanning are formed by scan to 600 dpi. When scanning at a higher resolution the price is double.

* When damaged originals we reserve the right to refuse service or overpriced in. We accept no responsibility for additional damage to the originals.

* All prices incl. 20% VAT.

* We reserve the right to request an advance payment for larger volumes in order to start creating the order.