Dear customers, in all our offices we offer you a stamp of Ultimark or Colop .
There are a variety of sizes ,shapes and many ink colours .

Colop EOS 10 12x27 mm.23.00 lv.
Colop EOS 20 14x38 mm.24.00 lv.
Colop EOS 20 pocket 14x38 mm.22.00 lv.
Colop EOS 25 25x76 mm.33.60 lv.
Colop EOS 30 18x51 mm.30.00 lv.
Colop EOS 30 pocket 18x51 mm.25.20 lv.
Colop EOS 35 30x51 mm.45.00 lv.
Colop EOS 40 23x59 mm.32.00 lv.
Colop EOS 40 pocket23x59 mm.29.60 lv.
Colop EOS 45 25x82 mm.41.40 lv.
Colop EOS 5030x70 mm.41.40 lv.
Colop EOS 55 40x63 mm.42.00 lv.
Colop EOS 6038x76 mm.48.20 lv.
Colop EOS 20 mouse13x35 mm.20.20 lv.
Colop EOS 30 mouse19x49 mm.25.20 lv.
Colop EOS 40 mousediameter 40 mm.36.80 lv.
Colop EOS R17 diameter 17 mm.21.60 lv.
Colop EOS R30 diameter 30 mm.32.00 lv.
Colop EOS R40 diameter 40 mm.38.00 lv.
Colop EOS R50 diameter 50 mm.46.60 lv.
Colop EOS Q30 30x30 mm.32.40 lv.
Colop EOS stamp writer 8x33 mm.42.00 lv.
Colop EOS 110 47x98 mm.80.00 lv.
Colop EOS 115 60x80 mm.82.00 lv.
Colop EOS 120 70x95 mm.87.00 lv.
Colop EOS 130 89x114 mm.96.00 lv.
Colop EOS 140 89x121 mm.102.00 lv.
Colop HYBRID 25x47 mm.84.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 2 10х35 mm.21.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 4 11х37 mm.24.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 5 15х46 mm.25.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 6 15х59 mm.27.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 8 15х71 mm.28.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 10 21х59 mm.28.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 1221х72 mm.30.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 14 21х97 mm.33.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 16 27х46 mm.32.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 23 34х59 mm.32.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 24 34х72 mm.35.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 26 34х97 mm.37.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 28 46х46 mm.34.50 lv.
Ultimark UM 3046х97 mm.49.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 32 59х71 mm.45.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 34 72х97 mm.60.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 17R diameter 17 mm.20.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 35R diameter 35 mm.32.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 45R diameter45 mm.35.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 20SQ 20х20 mm.21.00 lv.
Ultimark UM 25SQ 25х25 mm.24.00 lv.

*All prices are inclusive of VAT
**Documents needed: certificate from the Registry Agency.
*** Price for making a file if there is none – 5 lev.
****The requirements to the file  – vector format / ai, pdf, cdr, eps /.