Wideformat copying

High quality digital monochrome wide format machines Xerox 510, Xerox 6279 and Rowe, offering quality and print speed. Suitable for any kind of drawings, posters and billboards.

Black and white Wideformat copying/printing

Black and white Wideformat copying/printing 
Paper 80g.2,00 lv./sq.m.
Natural Tracing Paper3,90 lv./sq.m.
Reduce/Enlarge2,70 lv./sq.m.
Photo3,90 lv./sq.m.
Over 90 sm to 137 smScaning+Black and White Ploting of the roll width
Colour Wideformat copying
Roll 42 sm. -paper 80g.2,80 lv./m.
Roll 62 sm. -paper 80g.4,00 lv./m.
Roll 90 sm. -paper 80g.5,70 lv./m.
Roll 105 sm. -paper 80g.6,80 lv./m.
Roll 152 sm. -paper 80g.11,10 lv./m.

*All prices are inclusive of VAT.

*Prices do not include solid colour fills. If it exists, it is estimated 25 lv. / sq.m.