Terms and Conditions


Megalan Ltd. guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data of the Customer under the Protection of Personal Data. The personal data of customers who fill in the registration are used as follows:

Name and addressfor delivery and completion of the invoice.

Phone- to confirm the order and delivery or in case of problems with the availability and the contract itself.

E-mail- order confirmation, delivery address and receive newsletters and promotions from the website.

Megalan Ltd. undertakes not to transfer personal data to third parties, except in response to requests from the client for products or services or when requested by the relevant authorities.

Megalan Ltd. has the right to retain user information located on servers Megalan Ltd. and submit them to the relevant authorities in cases where it is necessary to protect the rights, interests and legitimate security of Megalan LTD.

All terms and conditions are governed by the current CPA.


Goods or services purchased by Megalan Ltd., payable at prices in effect at the time of sale or prior written agreements entered into between the user and Megalan LTD. User agrees that the price of all goods subject to the decision of Megalan Ltd. and Megalan Ltd. can unilaterally change the price of goods, which take effect immediately upon their posting on the website www.maniaprint.bg. www.maniaprint.bg .

All prices include VAT.

We are not responsible for any technical and / or typographical errors on the site.

Payment is received at the time of the order, unless other arrangements between the user and Megalan Ltd. and in accordance with applicable law.


Claims must be filed within the prescribed deadlines. Surpassing these limits will be considered equivalent to delivery. Claims for missing parts of the product and the obvious shortcomings brought on delivery to the user. Claims are recorded by Megalan Ltd. and take appropriate actions under current law.


The user has the right to refuse an order before or during the confirmation from our side. When you start the order and the subsequent refusal by the customer shall be obliged to pay the woven part of the contract.


Megalan Ltd. bears no responsibility for late acceptance or rejection of unjustified acceptance of the goods by the customer. Megalan Ltd. bears no responsibility for any possible consequences of the trial and execution of the contract, and any damages, losses or lost profits caused by breach the terms and conditions of delivery.

Rules Terms and Conditions are subject to change, which comes into force after its publication on the website www.maniaprint.bg, they are not related to inform the user of changes in all or part of the text. www.maniaprint.bg , като не са свързани с уведомяване на потребителя за промените в част или цялост на текста.