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In order to request written translation or legalisation of your documents, you will need to visit the nearest office of Mania Print either in Sofia or Plovdiv. A team of young, energetic, and well prepared employees will accept you request in person. We will gladly reply to any request of yours by quoting a price and giving you advice.


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Агенция за преводи и легализация Еко 4EKO 4 Translations Agency is a leading company in Bulgaria in both written and oral translations, as well as in the field of legalisation of any documents. Every day, a team of professionals is working hard, so that EKO 4 Translations Agency remains an example of high quality and responsibility its clients can rely on. In order to meet its clients’ high standards and to be able to offer a high quality and competitive product, EKO 4 Translations Agency strives to choose an individual approach towards any client thus will meet your requirements. The Agency’s vision includes expanding the network of offices in Bulgaria, in Varna, Shumen, and also in Sofia – at Mania Print Copy Centres.

Using the services of EKO 4 Translation Agency will guarantee you reliability, precision, and competence.


Европейски стандарт за качество 150 17100. Всеки превод се редактира от преводач – редактор за по-добра точност на превода

Бързо действие

Поръчка за следващия работен ден

Работен обем

Опит в превода на до 200 страници за седмица

* We reserve the right to request an advance payment for larger volumes in order to start creating the order.